At North Atlantic Ridge we are fully aware of the demand for high quality, exciting, commercially attractive stories filled with fascinating, driven characters, that a properly targeted audience can identify with and root for.

We understand the difficulty producers have in finding such projects, and make it our mission only to put forward those which have reached the exacting standard our industry requires.

Before a script is granted "Current Project" status, it has been extensively developed, from original concept to final, production ready screenplay. It has been reviewed and critiqued by experts in the field: reworked and rewritten through many iterations to achieve the highest possible quality.




san_demetrioThis is a true story World War 2 Action thriller about a young ships officer who seeks to bring his badly damaged cargo ship home through horrific weather and an enemy infested ocean. The screenplay is by John Mawson (who was himself a Captain in the British Merchant Navy before training as an actor, writer and producer)
It is being produced as a vivid Audio Movie in podcast form.  Listen to the fully realized POC trailer here. In addition to the stellar cast, sound design is by Academy Award winner Ben Wilkins. It will be available soon on your favourite audio streaming platform.
LOGLINE. A raw young officer and a handful of desperate men. A thousand miles of enemy infested ocean: and a ship that would not die.








running_ouot_of_time"Running Out Of Time” is a feature film action thriller set in Los Angeles and spanning several years up to the near past. It has that rare thing: a strong young female lead and asks: can someone really forecast the future?  The reveal answers and rewards the audience in a “Sixth Sense” way. It features a strong African American female leading a diverse cast of gripping characters.

Funding of up to 50% of the $3.75M budget is sourced.

Harvey Lowry (Van Helsing, X-Men: The Last Stand, Benjamin Button) will direct.

Ricki Maslar is attached as Casting Director.

Jorge Garcia, (Lost, Hawai Five-0) is attached in the role of Paul Alexander, the man who seems to be able to foretell the future.

See: IMDb link. See: Facebook Page


busCompleted feature film screenplay.

"A disgraced soldier finds herself in charge of a busload of misfits flung into a strange new world."

A strong female lead (A US Marine) and a colorful cast of real and interesting characters in a tense and dangerous situation.

A limited location, low budget time travel action thriller.

See "Two Tribes" IMDb page






Completed feature film screenplay

"30 Years after they split in acrimony, the band must reform one last time."

Award winning writer John Mawson has crafted a very funny, touching and heartwarming tale in the quirky vein of "Four Weddings and Funeral", and "Love Actually".

Indeed, "For One Night Only" is like "The Full Monty" meets "This is Spinal Tap".

You're going to want to see that!





A one hour TV documentary following British actor Emrhys Cooper as he travels to the remote Kingdom of Bhutan to become the first Western actor to play a lead role in a Bhutanese movie.

"Kushuthara: Pattern of Love" on IMDb.

The documentary weaves his story with that of the production and the movie itself and shows how Cooper is fundamentally affected and changed by the experience.

Emrhys Cooper on IMDb

A Joint North Atlantic Ridge / Dream It Productions project.

Currently in production.